We were talking to our friend Rene, over at Northsiders Barbecue, and he shared his All purpose Cajun Poultry Brine recipe with us. He told us that once he started using the Shield N Seal 750, 16″ Commercial Vacuum Sealer, his barbecued chicken took on an entirely new dimension. The sealer pulled the brine all the way through the meat, to the bone, creating a juiciness and flavor that he knew was possible, but was now able to taste. The brine is pretty damn good on it’s own, but when combined with the sealer, it’s perfection!
All purpose Cajun poultry brine.
One bag of crab boil seasoning.
1cup of salt
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 tablespoon of Cajun seasonings
1/2 poultry seasoning
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
1.5 gallons of water.
Bring water to a rolling boil, add all your dry ingredients and stir thoroughly until they all dissolve. As they brine is cooling, add the apple cider vinegar and allow to completely cool down. Place in the refrigerator until cold, the longer it sits the better. This can be made a week ahead of time.
Thoroughly rinse the poultry of choice, place in a large Shield n Seal bag, add no more than 1/3 the bag volume and vacuum seal it.
Place in a cool refrigerator for 4-6hrs, cut the bag, rinse the poultry and season accordingly with your favorite spice blend.
Brining helps add flavor deep into the meat and it also allows for better moisture retention.
Vacuum sealing aides in helping pull that brine deeper into the meat.

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