Why did my order fail?

For security purposes, your shipping address may have to match your billing address. This varies, depending on payment method.

Is your plastic BPA free?

All of our 5 ply vacuum bags are made from poly nylon plastic. The bags are a polyethylene/nylon blend and all bags are BPA-free, are made without PVC and phthalates as well. This is great news for folks who buy their food in bulk and freeze extras for future use!

Should I be concerned about coloring from the bag getting on my food?

No. Our layering technique for our replacement rolls, ensures that only clear plastic touchs your food and products. The seal channel side (colored side) is comprised of three layers of plastic, the channel side, a second clear layer, and finally the colored layer.

Are your bags microwave and boiler safe?

Yes, our bags are microwave safe and are boil safe (boil in the water) up to a recommended temperature of 90 degrees celsius, or 194 degrees fahrenheit.

Are your bags compatible with other machines?

Yes. Our Bags will work with most sealers that are the apporpriate size.

ShieldNSeal Bags also have the special surface and pattern which creates channels required to allow for vacuum sealing. This makes them compatible with all external clamp sealers.

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