How To Use Your Shield N Seal Vacuum Sealer Maintenance Kit

All Shield N Seal Vacuum Sealers come with maintenance kits.  Maintenance kits include a replacement seal, and a replacement heating element, the two parts of a sealer that are most likely to degrade over time.  Having these replacement parts ensures that your sealer will have a long life, perform amazingly well, and save you money for years to come.

Do You See an E02 or E03 Error Message?

If you see this message, your seal bar has heated up, and your machine is protecting itself from damage. Just unplug your machine, give it 60 seconds, and you’re ready to go again.

Tips To Maintain Your Vacuum Sealer For A Long, Healthy Life

If you have just bought a vacuum sealer, then you are most likely interested in what you may need to do for the optimal upkeep of your machine, as well as how you can ensure leftovers and foods will be properly sealed in vacuum sealed bags. Here are some top tips in how you can maintain a vacuum sealer, seal foods efficiently, and make sure everything that you seal with your vacuum sealer is sealed with no leaks.

  1. Be careful when filling: In the early stages you may overfill some of the vacuum sealed bags. One of the best rules of thumb is to leave 3-5 inches of clear bag space so that the air can be sucked out and the bag can properly seal.
  2. Never use your own bags: Use only the appropriate vacuum sealed bags that come with the product. Using your own bags can damage the sealer and will most likely lead to a mess. Always purchase name brand bags and don’t use off brand bags, because it will only lead to headaches.
  3. Mark foods with the date: After you seal up any type of food with the vacuum sealer, it’s important to note that a lot of food can last for up to three weeks vacuum sealed. If you plan on holding onto a lot of leftovers always mark the date on the bag after you store it. It can be tough to know if something has gone bad when it’s vacuum sealed.
  4. Always clean your vacuum sealer between uses: Sometimes food particles and other debris can hinder the seal that the vacuum sealer can make with your bags. To have your machine do the best job possible always give it a thorough cleaning after every use. Improper seals on your bags can lead to faster food spoilage. If you want to maintain a vacuum sealer, one of the best things you can do is make sure that it is clean.
  5. Use a filter and make sure that frozen foods are fully frozen before vacuum sealing: Crumbs or liquids in the bag can, over time, potentially damage your vacuum sealer. Make sure that there is some type of filter to protect the vacuum sealer mechanism and prevent the machine from jamming when working with dry ingredients. Always make sure that you freeze liquids before putting them into a vacuum sealer.

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