The Four Best Sous Vide Hamburger Recipes to Liven Up Your Summer

The summer’s here with its long, warm nights and lazy BBQ’s, and the quest to find the perfect burger is on again. With the proliferation of new, and affordable sous vide cookers, there is are entirely new options and flavors available. Using science instead of guesswork, you can now have your burger cooked perfectly every time. We’ve scoured the web, and done some experimentation, and these are our five of our favorite Sous Vide Hamburgers. so, turn up the heat, and evenly cook your perfect burger sous vide style using Shield N Seal’s bags.

Serious and Simple Burger

If you’re new to sous vide cooking, this recipe is the perfect place to start, giving you cooking times to get your burger just how you like it. It also describes good methods for finishing both in a pan and on a grill.

sous vide ham


Wicked Burger

A sous vide burger from the Wicked Good Burgers Cookbook. This burger, complete with a delicious special sauce, is a fabulous addition to your recipe collection.

sous vide hamburger recipe

Orgasmic Cheeseburger

The Orgasmic Chef is no joke. Her website is full of creative and amazing recipies, and her sous vide hamburger is no different. This recipe for a juicy, delicious cheeseburger will hit the spot, and includes ideas for an Aussie-style twist, adding egg, beetroot slices, bacon, lettuce, tomato, relish and mustard.

sous vide hamburger recipe

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Beautifully moist and delicious, this sous vide cooked burger is simple to prepare with just a handful of ingredients. Mushroom Swiss is kind of a classic at this point, and following this recipe certainly didn’t disappoint.

sous vide hamburger recipes


Please let us know which burgers you tried, and which of the sous vide hamburger recipes were your favorite.

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