15″ x 50′ Metallic Vacuum Sealer Roll SNS 4100


  • Box Contents: One Metallic Vacuum Sealer Roll
  • Size: 15″ x 50′
  • Food Grade, BPA Free, and 4 mil thick
  • Needs a sealer with powerful heating element
  • Wholesale: 1 case contains 12 boxes

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15″ by 50′ Metallic Vacuum Sealer Roll

Shield N Seal’s Metallic Vacuum Sealer Rolls are perfect for any size of storage product. A 15″ vacuum seal roll is capable for large pieces of meat, sides of salmon, and large garden harvests. These bags are the thickest, BPA free, food grade heat seal bags.  Studies have shown that properly vacuum sealed food can stay fresh up to 5x longer, sometimes 10x longer.

BPA free means that you can cook with confidence.  You can sous vide your favorite recipes, boil in bag at any temperature knowing that our materials are food safe.  They will not affect the flavor of the food, nor will they leach toxins that will harm your family.  Your meal will retain its taste, texture, aroma, and nutritional value.

Shield N Seal metallic vacuum seal rolls are perfect for any type of food stuff; meat, chicken, fish, produce, and even coffee, tea, and herbs are kept amazingly fresh when sealed in these bags.  We’ve made our new rolls stronger and thicker than ever before, making sure that they lock out moisture and air. They reduce freezer burn better than any other roll we’ve tested.

And while it locks in flavor, it will also lock in odor.  You don’t have to worry about strong smells emanating from a Shield N Seal roll. Pungent food or garden odors are locked in tight, for good.

The metallic material is totally light proof and secure. Light can damage food, and can detract from the potency of herbs and medicines. Your privacy is also secure and protected with light and odor proofed Shield N Seal all black heat seal rolls.

Don’t forget to reuse your rolls!  Just trim off the rough edge, and reseal.  It’s simple to save money by not only saving money on food, but also on the rolls themselves.

Our Metallic Rolls are 4 mil thick and may not work with some sealers. A powerful heating element is required.  We recommend using our Sealers for the strongest, thickest seal.

Additional information

Weight 52 oz
Dimensions 16 × 5.25 × 5.25 in

Shield N Seal


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