Cannacribs Features Shield N Seal Black and Clear Vacuum Seal Bags

Shield N Seal is proud to be featured on Cannacribs episode 5. Our Black and Clear bags are being used by our friends at Honey Dew farms in Humboldt.


Canna Cribs is the brainchild of Nick Morin and Nate Lipton, who saw cultural cannabis shows such as Berner’s Marijuana Mania, Weeds, and more, and wondered why there weren’t any shows that focused on the growing of the plants, especially at the commercial level. From this realization, the idea behind Canna Cribs began to form. It is currently produced and featured on The Growers’ Network.

Honeydew Farms, Humboldt, CA

Honeydew Farms is Humboldt County’s first conditional use permitted Cannabis Farm. Located in the highly coveted Mattole Valley, our 600 acre Agricultural preserve lies in the foothills of the Lost Coast’s Kings Range. The Mattole’s unique micro climate, with it’s hot days and cool nights, creates the perfect environment, and combined with our over 25 years of cultivation experience, they produce some of the world’s finest medical Cannabis.

Our Black and Clear Vacuum Bags on Television!

We are seen 22:47 into the video and 25:05 area. The whole episode is inspiring.

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