Shield N Seal couldn’t be happier to welcome Barbecue Champions Northsider’s Barbecue to the Shield N Seal team. Led by Rene Benetiz, Northsiders has been tearing up the Texas cookout circuit and been using Shield N Seal sealers and Rolls to do it.

“We can honestly say that ever since we received our Shield n Seal our bbq game has improved drastically across the board. We’ve competed more then we ever have before and we owe most of that success to your vacuum sealer. Prior to using Shield n Seal we weren’t all that consistent and now we’re coming off a consecutive 12 weeks of bbq competitions. Folks have taken notice of our success and we let them know that y’all have helped us reach the level that we’re at today.

We use our Shield n Seal in our preparation, marinating and brining process. I pre-trim my competition briskets, ribs and chickens days in advance prior to any competitions. That eliminates on step and frees up my time so that I can concentrate on seasoning and all of the other steps involved in having a successful showing. Then to boot we vacuum seal any leftovers so that we can take them home and freeze them and eat them at a later date. It’s a huge plus all the way around!”
-Rene Benitez, Jr

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