Indoor Grow Expo In Novi, 2016

Shield N Seal had an amazing weekend at the Maximum Yield Indoor Grow Expo in Novi, Michigan this past weekend. We always love to travel across the country, educating people about the potentials of our products, making new friends, and building a community of people who are interested in good food and healthy living. Michigan is full of such people. But the show was more than just locals. We also met hydroponic growers from Indiana, Ohio, and even Canada. People travelled from as far away as Toronto. It’s great to learn that your product has international appeal.

This event was also the big unveiling of our 16″ Commercial Grade Sealer, the SNS 750. We did several demos each day to show off the 750’s new features. People are very curious about the sealer’s adjustable settings, which allows people to set seal time and pressure for multiple seals. This allows for sealing of large quantities of delicate items, like produce, over and over again. This saves time, and helps to avoid breakage. People really responded to the opportunity to explore the features of the sealer, to see how strong the seal is, and how strong the dual pump vacuum is.

In closing, we met some amazing indoor growers, some really cool shop owners, and even made a few sales. The Indoor Grow Expo in Novi was a great success, and we look forward to the the next one in our home state of California.

indoor grow expo in novi

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